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Magento EDI Made Simple

If your company uses Magento for ecommerce, and now needs to do EDI, then you’re in the right place. Amosoft offers seamless EDI integration with Magento. It’s easy, straightforward, very affordable, and (most importantly), a complete solution. Your EDI search has effectively ended. To learn more about this, you can contact us here, or read on for more information about Magento and EDI.

EDI Integration with Magento

We love the Magento platform – it’s definitely one of the best ecommerce solutions available (of course, you probably already know this.) But, it doesn’t handle EDI. And since you’re here reading this, it’s a good bet that you have either an important supplier or customer that is insisting you send/receive EDI transactions. Typical EDI transactions are the 846 (inventory), 850 (purchase order), 810 (invoice), and the 856 (advanced ship notice, or ASN for short.) We handle all of these, and any other EDI transaction you or your trading partners require. All seamlessly integrated to and from your existing Magento platform (and/or any other ERP system or software you may use – QuickBooks, Excel, etc.)

Here’s a good example of how this can work:

Let’s say you sell widgets, manufactured by company XYZ. Now company XYZ says “listen, we need you to send and receive EDI transactions from this point on”. And, of course, company XYZ has all manner of (seemingly complicated) rules for their EDI transactions – they need line-item information, customer address for drop shipping (if that’s how you are setup), etc. Amosoft’s Magento EDI solution handles this elegantly. It can automatically collect your customer’s orders from Magento, and then send a daily (or even hourly, or one at a time) 850 purchase orders to your supplier. Complete with every piece of data that your supplier requires – size, color, sku, amount, etc. In all honesty, it couldn’t be any easier or more intuitive.shipping (if that’s how you are setup), etc.

Manage Orders

Export orders from Magento and send them over to your suppliers/vendors automatically as they come

Manage Inventory - Import and update inventory on Magento.

Say (for example) company XYZ wants to send you inventory information via EDI (that’s an 846). Our Magento EDI solution can receive that, and have that uploaded to Magento in real time (this way, if item ABC is out of stock today, your website’s customers will know this and won’t be able to order it – neat, huh?) Let’s even take it one step further – we can update Magento from your own internal inventory spreadsheets or proprietary system.

Manage Catalog

Automate and manage catalogs through a versatile platform. The exchange of catalog “sku” information is essential to represent current special product configurations and avoid “out of stock” situations.

Reprice Instantly

Change pricing instantly to respond to market conditions. The ability to “reprice” at a moments notice will allow stepping ahead of the competition.

Drop Ship Automation

Enjoy the benefits of fast unlimited quantity and pricing updates for inventory, elimination of repetitive manual order entry and greatly reduced payment cycles.

Manage Invoices

Maybe your supplier wants to invoice via EDI as well. Amosoft is a complete solution – we can handle EDI with Magento for ordering and inventory, and if you use another platform for finances (say, QuickBooks or similar), we can integrate with that as well – there are no legacy-system limitations, and no EDI transaction that we cannot seamlessly handle for you. If you use Magento (or anything else) and need to start with EDI, we’re your complete solution.


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