shippo Integration

Sell on shippo using our fully integrated and certified eCommerce solution

Our automated platform enables sellers to fulfill orders, ship to customers or use our fully automated dropship solution.

Create Orders

Receive orders from buyers through any ecommerce platforms, accounting system, ERP or any other channel and create them in shippo

Manage Shipments

Received shipment information from shippo and update your ecommerce platform, accounting system, ERP or any other channel with the Tracking #, Carrier information and other shipment information received from shippo

Drop Ship Automation

Enjoy the benefits of fast unlimited order and shipping managment, elimination of repetitive manual order entry and greatly reduced payment cycles.

EDI Integration for shippo

Amosoft continues to be a recognized leader for your eCommerce supply chain and shipping activities. Have an EDI requirement and need a shipping service?

Amosoft and shippo partnership

The Amosoft and shippo partnership would be a smart way to start. Let Amosoft receive your EDI Purchase Orders from your trading partners and place them on the shippo platform. shippo will provide one of the easiest, least expensive and fastest ways to ship in the marketplace with the most popular carriers. They do not even require a shipping contract.

Tracking information from shippo

Amosoft will receive the tracking information from shippo. Once shipping is complete the EDI Advanced Ship Notice will be sent back to your trading partners to complete the business cycle. This entire process is accomplished through an advanced API connection eliminating any effort on your part.


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