Rakuten Integration

Sell on Rakuten using our fully integrated and certified eCommerce solution

Our automated platform enables sellers to fulfill orders, ship to customers or use our fully automated dropship solution. Certified Rakuten Integration and Certified EDI solution specifically designed for Rakuten.

Manage Orders

Export orders from Rakuten and send them over to your suppliers/vendors automatically as they come

Manage Inventory

Import and update inventory on Rakuten

Manage Catalog

Automate and manage catalogs through a versatile platform. The exchange of catalog “sku” information is essential to represent current special product configurations and avoid “out of stock” situations.

Reprice Instantly

Change pricing instantly to respond to market conditions. The ability to “reprice” at a moments notice will allow stepping ahead of the competition.

Drop Ship Automation

Enjoy the benefits of fast unlimited quantity and pricing updates for inventory, elimination of repetitive manual order entry and greatly reduced payment cycles.


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Fax: (310) 881-1161

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