Sell on Shopify using our fully integrated and certified eCommerce solution

Our automated platform enables sellers to fulfill orders, ship to customers or use our fully automated dropship solution.

EDI Integration with Shopify

You have come to the right place if your company needs to add EDI to itsShopify for ecommerce. Seamless EDI integration with Shopify is available with Amosoft. It is easy, straightforward, very affordable and most importantly, a complete solution.

So, What can you do with our Shopify Integrated solution?

You will be able to serve more customers with the ability te use ED! for their needs. Amosoft handles the most common EDI transactions of Inventory, Purchase Order, Invoice and Advanced Ship Notice with professional expertise. Amosoft can also professionally handle any other EDI applications required. All work is seamlessly integrated to and from your Shopify platform and such other ERP, QuickBooks, or Excel that you may use in your operations.

Here's a good example of how this can work:

Let's say you sell widgets, sells widgets that are manufactured by XYZ.XYZ advises that they require you send and receive EDI transactions with line-item information and custome addresses for drop shipping. Shopify EDI handles this instruction expertly and automatically collects yobr customer's orders from Shopify, followed by a daily or hourly purchase order to your supplier which includes all data required. Size, color, SKU# and amount are included with the requested line-item information and addresses.

For a second example,

XYZ advises they will send you inventory information via BDI. It is received by EDI, uploaded to Shopify in real time, so that out of stock items are noted, and Shopify can be updated from your own inventory spreadsheets or proprietary systems. To invoice, your supplier can invoice via EDI also.Amosoft offers complete coverage. EDI with Shopify is accommodated for ordering, inventory, and if you use QuickBooks or other platform for finances, Amosoft can integrate that easily and seamlessly.

Drop Ship Automation

Enjoy the benefits of fast unlimited quantity and pricing updates for inventory, elimination of repetitive manual order entry and greatly reduced payment cycles.

Manage Orders

Export orders from Shopify and send them over to your suppliers/vendors automatically as they come

Manage Inventory

Import and update inventory on Shopify

Manage Catalog

Automate and manage catalogs through a versatile platform. The exchange of catalog “sku” information is essential to represent current special product configurations and avoid “out of stock” situations.

Reprice Instantly

Change pricing instantly to respond to market conditions. The ability to “reprice” at a moments notice will allow stepping ahead of the competition.

Complete Shopify Integrated Solution

Amosoft can handle every aspect and every incident without any limitation. If you are ready to integrate EDI into your Shopify system, contact us for expert and professional service without delay. Should you be interested in further information about Amosoft, contact us for clear and informative answers. Our expert staff is standing by to serve you completely.


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