EDI Reports

EDI Reports

Companies with numerous store orders and multiple items per shipment need a way to view their orders and make informed business decisions. Amosoft provides total visibility of purchase orders coming in from retail clients. Our Reports enables suppliers to organize purchase order data into printed reports and Excel formats, easily accessible from any desktop. Whether your company wants to see data on one or 5,000 purchase orders, you can now access the Amosoft hosted application and generate reports effortlessly from your desktop. The system is designed for instant report creation and for scheduling recurring delivery via email. You determine when and who will receive various reports using our unique online scheduler. Our Reports will be an invaluable tool for organizing your packing and shipping efforts.


Increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction using pick tickets to manage shipping configuration and prioritization. Reduce the time required to pick and pack: streamline picking by bin, aisle or other criteria. Pick, pack, and ship based on varying priorities (Ship date, SKU, Store type, etc.).


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