Automate your Shopify store with Fulfillment and EDI

  March 26, 2019       By Galia Ben Harouch
Automate your Shopify store with Fulfillment and EDI

There are two kinds if Shopify sellers: those who started a store based on dropshipped products and small margins, and those who actually have a product and use Shopify as the perfect solution to start an online store.
Once you start selling online, your appetite for more will grow fast, and you’ll be looking for ways to increase your variety of products. 
One of the best and simplest ways to achieve that goal is by using an outside fulfillment agent, but it won’t be so simple without EDI.

Offline sellers who start to sell online, have to adjust to a different way of working in almost all aspects of their business. 
The way you market your products will change, the way you talk to your clients, the way you manage your suppliers and even the way you do your accounting can be a little different. 

One thing is for sure, every brand must have an online representation, and every seller has and wants to reach the point of going online. If you don’t do it, chances are that sooner or later someone else will upload your product to his store, so it’s better if it’s you. 

Selling your own original product will necessarily bind you to keep a sizeable stock somewhere. Once you start selling online and you want to expand to other original products of your own, you may find that you work less and earn more when you don’t have to do all the shipping and handling yourself. That’s the point where you’ll start looking for a fulfillment agent. 

In the United States, there is no shortage of fulfillment storage that will be happy to extend their services to your business and basically become the drop shipper of your product. 

The trouble starts when you find that keeping track of the fulfillment center is also a job, and that’s just the beginning. For every order being shipped - you have to issue an invoice. For every package going out, you have to update the tracking number. Finally, you'll have to always keep track of the stock at the fulfillment warehouse, the rate of your sales, the holidays and sale days ahead, and make sure you send enough product, so the fulfillment don’t run out. 

In that processes alone there are at least four systems involved: Your fulfillment agent, your Shopify store, UPS or FedEx or whoever is actually delivering the package, and most importantly, your own business system. 

Anyone can see that in order to keep track of the whole process, you’ll need at least one or two full-time employees. They will have to issue invoices for the sales, send orders to the fulfillment agent, copy the tracking number they receive and past it in the buyers account and update all that information in your company’ computer to keep track of stock. 

How many mistakes do you think they’re going to make every week or month? 
How many mistakes are you willing to suffer? 
How about none? 

EDI is the name of the solution that connects all the dots in your business. 
EDI integrates systems to talk the same language and move information automatically from one place to another, sending the chance of human error out the window and making it a thing of the past. 

For example, EDI can send the orders from your Shopify store directly to your fulfillment agent system to be processed immediately. At the same time, it issues an invoice to the customer and later on receives the tracking number from the forwarder and inserting it in the right place, so the buyer can see it on time. 
Finally, EDI feeds your system with all the information about current sales, projected sales, special events, and calculate the stock needed to handle the next month or year in advance. 

EDI is a custom-made solution for Shopify sellers who wish to grow their brand and supply their store with quality unique products. It helps you integrate with your business partners and service providers. Without EDI you won’t be able to automate your system, and growing will become virtually impossible. 

Amosoft is the experts you need to help you achieve your business goals, your ambitions, and even your dreams. We speak the language of EDI and can advise you as to the best way to manage the process of integrating your system with others.