Are you ready to turn your Amazon Vendor Central business into high gear?

  January 08, 2019       By Kelly Green
Are you ready to turn your Amazon Vendor Central business into high gear?
Brands eager to reach a sizable segment of Amazon Marketplace consumers sell their products through two major channels. Sellers can use Amazon Seller Central to directly market, sell and ship their products to customers. Alternately, suppliers can sell their goods in bulk and ship directly via the Amazon Vendor Central portal, a service which then sells the products and ships them from distribution centers to customers. 

Amosoft simplifies automating and integrating purchase order exchanges, invoices and more Amazon transactions through EDI.

At most, it takes just days before you can begin receiving electronic Amazon purchase orders through Amosoft integrated, fully compliant EDI network services and solutions. Amazon’s most successful first-party Vendor Central sellers hinge their revenue streams on streamlined, automated communications that ensure quick, accurate shipments to distribution centers, including advance ship notices, purchase orders, invoices and other documents. We integrate Vendor Central transactions with widely used accounting systems from such major publishers as Intuit, Microsoft, NetSuite, Sage and SAP to help you access a broad, superbly dependable trading network in real time, complete with free partner map updates at no extra support, maintenance or upgrade charge. That commitment includes ongoing support for (Dropship),, Amazon China,, Amazon Mexico and Amazon UK maps. 

Since we provide all necessary network services and support to fully implement and integrate an Amazon solution, Amosoft keeps supplier EDI compliance seamless and painless. You may watch your total EDI ownership cost fall up to 50 percent by just by automating 10 orders of standard Amazon Seller Central transactions instead of retyping them by hand and entering tracking numbers manually into the portal after an item ships. Why allow time-consuming data entry to slow fulfillment to a profit-stalling crawl and risk costly human errors unnecessarily? 

On the other hand, Amosoft Amazon Marketplace integration makes the most of all the substantial growth potential Amazon has to offer by handling inbound Amazon orders and outbound tracking information for customers automatically. Deployment of your cost-effective solution linking the Amazon Seller Central portal with an accounting system takes less than a week and comes with Fulfillment by Amazon, Fulfillment by Merchant and Merchant Fulfilled Network shipping program support. 

Dramatically increased product and exposure on Amazon has never been achieved more quickly or cost effectively. Whether you offer your products through Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central, you have more important business bound to fall by the wayside when you spend hours at a time filling out basic documents by hand. Amosoft functions like a well-oiled clerical team at your disposal any time you receive and fulfill an order. You scarcely have to lift a finger for your integrated EDI solution to slash your ownership costs, elevate your efficiency and virtually eliminate risks of human record keeping errors. Quickly you could transform the way you do business using nothing but resources we provide and support making it easy on you to connect to the Amazon Vendor central platform.