How can EDI help you integrate your Shopify store with your off-line business, brand, suppliers and local activity?

  October 09, 2018       By Galia Ben Harouch
How can EDI help you integrate your Shopify store with your off-line business, brand, suppliers and local activity?

The beauty of Shopify is that you can sell literally anything you want.
The way it works makes it super easy to combine all kind of selling and shipping methods such as privet branding, drop-shipping and wholesaling. If you're the kind of vendor who cares for what you sell as much as for how much you sell, then you must have suppliers and inventories outside the internet. 
But how is it possible to keep track of all your off-line and online activity at the same time? Let EDI do the work for you - see how. 

With over 9 billion products and more than 600,000 merchants, Shopify is by any standard, the place to be for anyone who wants to sell anything online. 

Unlike other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, on Shopify, you are the boss. You can sell anything you wish, and the more the better. Quantity is the name of the game, and the more products you have on your store - the higher the revenue. 

Though you might want to start with your own products, it is wise to look around the web for more niche products to support it and draw more customers and sales to your store. 

That is not news, because the thing that draws so many people to sell with Shopify, is the fact that you can easily integrate many online stores with your Shopify store and draw all the information about the products with the click of a button. 

Nevertheless, what of your offline activity? 

What if you're selling products from actual living suppliers, and not from another platform on the internet? 

Integrating off-line activity with online activity is one of the most challenging issues for businesses who operate locally, as well as worldwide. 

If you have an actual store, or a warehouse, where you can store inventory, you may be able to increase your profit interval by buying wholesale and selling online. 

Maybe you like to sell second-hand stuff, or add your local artists to your store, have your own brand, or even sell products from factories and niche stores around you... 

How can you keep track of that entire inventory? no to mention - sending orders both for inventory and for shipping of products, updating tracking information, coupons, special discounts and attending to specific customers complaint. 

Before you get a headache - why don't you try EDI?!

The beauty of EDI is that it can give you the pinpoint solution you need for your specific situation, and leave out all the stuff you don't need.
When you're paying for an online integration system, you will always have parts that you don't need, and usually, there will be some options that will be missing. 
But if you want to have the whole system, whatever it is, working perfectly for your specific business operation issues - Then EDI is what you need. 

At Amosoft, that's exactly what we do. We dive into your business, understand all your integration points, and program the perfect solution for your problems. 

We know that integration points can easily turn into a disaster in the hands of the wrong company. It doesn't take much for a little typo of one number, to have a domino effect on your whole system, and somehow there's always a customer at the end getting hurt. 

Stop risking your business and your reputation by working manually - Go EDI today!