Stay ahead of your Amazon competitors with EDI

  October 02, 2018       By Galia Ben Harouch
Stay ahead of your Amazon competitors with EDI

Every good businessperson knows that if you wish to keep selling and growing, you must always stay updated in your field, and always keep an eye on the competition. 
There are hundreds of tool out there to help you do that, so many in fact, that sometimes it is hard to manage all the information. Learn how EDI can help you manage your competition with ease. 

Once you make e-commerce a part of your life, you know that there will always be a competitor behind the corner. Someone who does what you do, sells what you sell, or has a different solution to the same problem your product solves. 

Amazon, unlike other e-commerce platforms, has the competition somewhat under control, by setting two primer rules: one is that every brand has one page - which means that when a buyer is looking for Nike shoes, he’s not supposed to find more than one listing of each model. Inside that listing, he may find a variety of sellers to buy from, but he doesn’t have to go through dozens of listings of the same product. 

The second rule has to do with the copying and distributing of a product. True, it's against the law anyway, but what you can get away with on other platforms, can end up in court when you’re dealing with Amazon. 

Anyways, the reality is that unless you're a certified distributor of a famous brand, you're not very likely to make money on Amazon.

 Not True! 

Amazon's strict regulations about brands, combined with the staggering economic development in China, has opened the market to Personal Branding. 

It is really an amazing turn of the plot if you think of it. Anyone can now have their own brand, manufacture their own product and sell it on Amazon, or anywhere else, on and off - line. But, as always, there's a Catch. 

The catch is the competition. Many brands equal many competitors. 
All you have to do is make a small change in the product, stamp your logo on it, and BOOM!! - You have a bite of the market pie, and that's exactly what your competitors are doing to you. 

You know the saying: "Keep your friends close, and your Competitors closer"? Monitoring your competition is crucial in order to maintain a stable and growing business. One new player can bring down the market for weeks and months, just because he took off a few bucks from the price. When that happens - you want to be the first to know about it.

This is obviously not the first time you read about Competitor research; after all, there are many tools out there to help you monitor your competition. The problem is that sometimes all the tools that are supposed to make your life easier just complicates them. You find yourself working every day to assemble all the information into something that makes sense. 

The whole point of collecting information is to be able to draw conclusions that will turn into actions. After all, let's not forget that we do not monitor our competition out of personal interest, we do it to stay "ahead of the game" as they say. We do it, so we can react on time, make a change and get out of harm's way. 

To be perfectly honest, sometimes we do it to get ideas and be better than the rest. Because in this market, you can either be better, or cheaper - and you don't want to be cheaper, or you wouldn't be here, reading this article. 

So how can you monitor your competitors and be efficient at the same time? 

Answer - with EDI. 

Using EDI allows you to make a custom fit of the data and results your product or business needs. Whether your sales are influenced the most by price changes or by technology upgrades - EDI can help you not only collect the information you need, but also make sense of it. 

Prioritizing data, receive alerts when numbers change dramatically, and even having a set of rules that allows an automatic response to certain situations. 

You can monitor only the competitors you're interested in, get all the information in one place, view the conclusions automatically and have all of that, integrate with your own system as part of the daily workflow of your business. 

At Amosoft, we understand that if you're not one step ahead of the competition, then you're probably one step behind, and we'd like to help you change that.    
When everybody else is using different online tools to fight off the competition, your business will always have the upper hand, with a custom-made tool that fits your needs perfectly.