Time to understand Amazon Vendor Central Purchase Order Types

  September 11, 2018       By Ray Atia

Time to understand Amazon Vendor Central Purchase Order Types

When distributors and manufacturers selling through Amazon Vendor Central, it’s important for them to understand the different types of purchase order that exists within Amazon Vendor Central.

When selling on Amazon Vendor Central you get two types of order. The 1st one is DC Orders or in its full name Distribution Center orders.

Amazon Vendor Central DC Orders are being sent directly to one of the Amazon distribution centers when asked by Amazon and then from the Amazon DC, the orders are being sent to the customer who ordered the products from Amazon. This is also the default option when a distributors and manufacturers is being invited to sell on Amazon Vendor Central. In most cases Amazon sends a request to the sellers one a week. In order to fulfill a DC order, vendors needs to confirm the order or reject the order request. Then if order confirmed, the vendors neds to create routing request and ship the order out; Finally the vendors have to create the invoice associated with that order and send it directly to Amazon

The 2nd type of orders are Direct Fulfillment Orders. In this case, the vendors fulfill the order and send it directly to the customer. That’s actually the main difference between the two types of orders and as you can understand from a supply chain management its completely different because that with a direct fulfillment orders, the shipment can come from almost any place on the globe as long as the seller is on the Amazon Vendor Central program.

Also, these orders are being sent only when the customer buy from Amazon, rather than in bulk orders. To fulfill a direct fulfillment order, seller must confirm the order or reject the order request

If confirmed, then ship the order and then finally create an invoice to that order and send it directly to Amazon.

At Amosoft we understand how the Amazon Vendor Central EDI works and all the types of business processes that exists. After implementing many successful integration projects with Amazon Vendor Central, we can complete new integration for any  distributors and manufacturers quickly without any delay.