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How ecommerce integration with ShippingEasy can help you grow your company

May 24, 2016| by Kelly Green
Ecommerce is growing in today's world. Many companies, in an effort to be more efficient, tend to use more than one way for organizing their products, shipping, and revenue. They have to use one company to ship their products and a completely different company that organizes their profits. The problem is that those companies operate by their own standards and many times they do not sync together, making work less efficient than it should be. 
That is where ecommerce integration comes in. We can sync and orders and track shipping with all your sales and shipping channels. The goal of this integration is to increase revenue potential as well as reducing operating costs. This causes a more efficient workflow that helps companies get their products out faster without sacrificing any quality of the product or spending more on shipping. 
We at Amosoft have mastered ecommerce integration with ShippingEasy. We can help you with integrating shipments, orders, EDI and so much more. Shipping products with ShippingEasy is a great way to save money. For those who want as much control as possible with shipping, ShippingEasy lets you pick your own shipping rules. You assign the carriers and categories you want. If a buyer picks a ground ship option, the product will be shipped by your preferred ground carrier no questions asked. ShippingEasy even allows you to compare rates on a daily basis of shipping companies so you can save more money. Wanting to expand internationally? ShippingEasy even has options for global shipping.
Integration with ShippingEasy does not stop at shipping. We have created a platform that integrates with all major shopping carts and marketplaces. It works with major companies including Amazon and eBay so that everything can be found in one place. Orders are downloaded in real time so you can see automatically where your product is being bought. 
Automating the Integration with ShippingEasy is a great for any size company. It gives you the ability to sell your product on more platforms with multiple locations without sacrificing costs.


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