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Choosing A Dropship Automation Solution For BigCommerce

May 17, 2016| by Kelly Green
For many online retails, one of the most important criteria that shipping is handled well. After you get past the notion that everything needs to get out the door on time, there are also cost considerations to factor in.
The largest online retailers like Amazon are trying to find ways to lower shipping costs in non-traditional ways. 
Here are some things to consider when you look at using advanced dropship automation solutions for BigCommerce:

Can the solution work with multiple locations?
It is important for many vendors to be able to dropship from more than one location. 

How well does the solution compare locations?
It isn't easy for a dropship solution to automate the selection of the best or closest warehouse to the customer yet it is something that customers very much want. Because the best solutions on the market are still not going to provide that functionality across the board all the time, it is a good idea to just find out if your vendor or partner is working towards that with their solution. That way, over time, what was once considered the holy grail of shipping solutions will be yours.

How is shipping integrated into the solution?
Obviously, whether you dropship or send from your own inventory, it is helpful to have a fully integrated shipping solution into your dropship platform. Sometimes, if your partner is larger than you are, they will achieve greater savings on shipments and will bill their lower rate back to you as well. 
Dropshipping can be an important part of running an ecommerce site. If your dropship automation solution is flexible and extensible, it should allow you to expand your store significantly without needing to spend much more time on data entry or logistics overhead.


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