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Need an eCommerce Shopping Cart Solution that can integrate EDI? Consider These Options

June 27, 2017| by Kelly Green

Are you running an online business? If so, you will need to find a platform to host an eCommerce shopping cart solution with EDI capabilities. Listing products on Shopping Cart helps customers keep track of what they are purchasing. In the following article, we will look at some of the best Shopping Cart platforms that support EDI, working to help you find the right eCommerce shopping cart platform for your business' budget, resources, and size.

When searching for the right Shopping Cart Automation platform, there are a variety of options out there to choose from. A number of different features are available, each aimed at making your Shopping Cart Integration easy, both for you and for your customers.

When deciding on the right Shopping Cart with EDI capabilities, take into account the basic resources available to you or your business, the amount of experience you have with selling goods online, and whether you have the necessary web development abilities.

Let's look at some of the best Shopping Cart Integration platforms:


Magento is the largest Shopping Cart on the market.

Magento offers a quality service that many leading brands and businesses have learned to trust. Magento offers reliable solutions for online businesses of all sizes, giving you a number of different package options tailored to your company's specific needs.


If you are a smaller company, you might consider investing in Magento Community edition, a package marketed to smaller, independent online businesses. For a much larger company, especially one hosting multiple websites, you might be better off using Magento Enterprise.

Magento offers customers the option of customizing the Shopping Cart interface on their websites. Their package also includes a number of marketing tools. Moreover, Magento is open-source, making it ideal for businesses that need customizable Shopping Cart Automation software.

Magento works well for keeping track of payments, processing orders, keeping track of shipping requirements, and handling logistics. This makes it one of the best and most popular options for online businesses who needs EDI integrated solution, depending on the company's budget.



Shopify has the fastest growing customer base of any Shopping Cart Listing platform on the market. This fully-hosted solution is ideal for new businesses looking for a quick way to get started. Enterprise companies, on the other hand, might prefer to use Shopify Plus, a system adapted more for the enterprising market.

Shopify gives you the basic functions necessary for an eCommerce business. It lets your customers keep track of their items and processes their orders. The platform also uses an Apps Marketplace, which includes a number of useful add-ons that will help you upgrade your store to suit your customer's needs. This includes features such as customer service, marketing software, shipping services, and integration with point of sale platforms. Moreover, you can use Shopify to synergize your company's website with your EDI.



BigCommerce combines a bunch of different eCommerce essentials into a single platform. This makes it a unique option in the EDI for Shopping Cart platform marketplace. BigCommerce excels at connecting your business to its Facebook, Amazon, and eBay pages, helping you optimize your presence on Google, making your product friendly for iPhone apps, and even making automated emails easier.

BigCommerce's team will help you custom design your shopping cart to your individual business needs, giving you the help you need to make the right decision. Moreover, BigCommerce offers four different payment plans, letting you make adjustments to fit your business' budget.



Volusion gives you all the basic services you need in an eCommerce platform, including features such as marketing tools, credit card processing, SSL certifications, web domains, tools to help design your page, and many more. Volusion also gives you the option of chatting with a live representative to troubleshoot issues, and even gives you a fraud prevention tool to protect your company from bogus orders.

The templates are easy to set up, the price of the platform is reasonable, and generally speaking Volusion offers a great product for businesses looking to make their first move into eCommerce.



WooCommerce offers another great entry level eCommerce tool, providing open-source software that aims at easy accessibility.

This especially helps businesses that need to customize their sites themselves. The open-source code means that you can design the shopping cart software you need to fit your specific needs.

Since WordCommerce fits into the WordPress platform, it offers you the ability to design your entire website, rather than simply add a shopping cart. Whether you use WooCommerce or not depends largely on your business needs. If you are not using WordPress to design and maintain your content, the WooCommerce software may be redundant to your business model.

Do you need an entire EDI platform? Are you listing products on shopping cart? Make sure you are not paying for features that you do not need.


How to Decide on the Best EDI Shopping Cart for You:

The Shopping Cart providers we have looked at offer products with very similar tools and features. Although all of these platforms will work in a pinch, you should make sure to find the one best suited for your eCommerce needs. Carefully consider the size of your business, as well as your available programming, design, and marketing resources. Some platforms aim at being easy to use, others at being highly customizable. Decide on your budget and the features you want before deciding on the right platform for your business.


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